Health Care Insurance has been providing Australians with health care solutions since the late 1930s and we welcome you to peruse the following article to see what our services can do for you and yours.

Document of Health Insurance Policy and calculator for backgroundHCI provides non-profit private health coverage at very competitive rates and with the type of customers service you would expect from a 5-Star Hotel. In addition to our high level of customer service and budget friendly prices, HCI also proffers an extensive list of health insurance options to fit the needs of the individual.

There is no need to expound on the importance of ensuring personal health for you and your loved ones, but private health insurance can afford you peace of mind knowing that any unexpected medical emergencies have been planned for and will be taken care should they happen. For those who are raking in a sizable income, private insurance can keep you from paying exorbitant Medicare Levy Surcharges.

Once covered by HCI services, our clients then enjoy access to top notch hospital care and health care services including dental, chiropractic, physiotherapy, optical as well as many other treatments and procedures to plentiful to mentioned here.

HCI has already compiled a comprehensive summary of their policies, regulations, stipulations and provisos in their “Your Guide to Cover” Health Care Guide, which fully illustrates the benefits and entitlements members will enjoy.

It would be a good idea to read over their policies and keep informed of HCI’s policies as they are subject to change. Following is a brief rundown of the packages and services available from HCI.


Health is just as important for the individual as it is for everyone else. That is why HCI has prepared a solution for you whether you only need the Hospital or the Extras Cover, the right coverage for you is here. Even the tightest budgets seem to warm up to our budget-friendly plans that still include the important services like physiotherapy, optical and dental.


If your good health has brought you the fortune of a mate, we have a contingency plan couples. Whether you are happy as a pair or thinking of expanding the family, you will find an impressive range of generous service types including major dental as well as alternative therapy options.


Once the home is filled with the raucous merriment of kiddos, you know health coverage is about to be an issue. It will be comforting to know that the health of you and your family is in the hands of such caring individuals as you will find at HCI.

We offer a very affordable coverage plan for hospital services that will not include an additional charge for child admissions. But wait there’s more. Our packages include speech therapy, audiology, orthodontics and pharmacy cover, too.

For more information on how Health Care Insurance can offer this brand of peace of mind and affordable care, download “Your Guide to Health Cover” from our site and see what else we can do for you.